how it works

Step 1

Upload a photo of your current space.

Step 2

Tell us what design & styles you like.

Step 3

Our AI works it's magic...

Step 4

Viola! We'll show you what your home could look like if you renovated it!
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thinking about

One of the toughest challenges when planning a home renovation is trying to visualise what the end result will look like...

- Will it match the rest of my home?
- What colours/layouts/themes work well with each other?
- How much will it all cost?

So we designed an AI tool that let's you visualise the finished product (in just a matter of minutes!) then introduce you to a local reno-expert who can give you a quote & bring your dream to life.

All these images are not real, they were generated through A.I.

the talk of the town...

I couldn't believe how accurate the images were! I was planning to renovate, and just couldn't decide on the kind of design style I wanted. It was really cool to see which ones fit in our home.


This was really fun and interesting to see our home with a brand new kitchen! We've been umming and arring about renovating for months now, and finally decided to go for it.


This is so cool! I had no idea technology was this advanced to show me my dream kitchen.


The kitchen it showed me was super realistic, I couldn't even tell it was generated by AI.